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games, but put that behind us and drop the puck saturday and tuesday i expect this place sold out again. we'll keep our sellout streak alive. >> to the practice itself one of the last ones for new head coach adam oates before the puck drops. oates has had a busy week and ready or not the season is here. >> of course i think it's going to be a very tough game. of course, it's going to be hard for a couple shifts, but i think everybody is going to be ready and it's going to be a good game. >> there's definitely a lot of kinks, but we feel like we're good. we're definitely happy about the system that's going to be played and hope everybody's body feels good. i feel good personally and i hope everybody else feels the same. >>> coming up one of the most dominant closers in the game has a natitude tonight, the introduction of rafael soriano next. >>> rafael soriano had 42 saves last year closing games for the yankees. that's the plan this year with the nats. soriano will go in as the 9th inning guy. the 7th and 8th will be left for tyler clippard and drew storen. then again you don't pay a gu
the puck in the corner. the pass gets deflected and ward is there to stuff it in the net. take another look. the great pressure by ward. it's his second goal of the game. and we're tied at 2. later in the period, lightning up 3-2. voytek with the puck, loses it here. mike ribero fires off the pads and wolski, tied at 3. third. two men in the penalty box. st. louis. lightning take a 4-3 lead. they add on two more goals. they double up the caps tonight, 6-3. and coach oates sees a team still learning out there. >> it's tough. it's going to take the guys a while. you know? and we've talked about that and hopefully we can win enough games until it becomes automatic. tonight wasn't our night. but there is a lost positives in the game. and we'll talk about that on monday. >> to say the washington wizards are a different team with john wall would be an underestimate. not only have the whiz been who are competitive with wall, but he's bringing out the best in his teammates. wall is averaging just under seven assists since returning, and the wizards are 3-1 this year. randy whitman, one of the many
passes the puck in front of the net. then third period. the pass. his first goal of the season by mike green. 30-2.aps win, the super bowl is a showcased up to the finest teams in the league. the ravens did not rank far behind. 11 to be exact. there are some sensational storylines. one player is retiring. he was asked about his retirement plans. he quickly shut down the possibility. he will be playing next year, will be playing next monday in new orleans. when it comes to going home for the .uper bowl not everyone gets this chance to win in the super bowl and the super bowl. it is amazing. >> amazing indeed. bryce harper seems to be making just as many headlines. he was on the cover of mlb 2013. we caught up with the young talked about his and excitingr opportunities ahead. i'm excited about this year and get going. you have to look at the competition you have had this past year. through your mind when you think of all of your accomplishments? i'm definitely blessed. i had a lot of guys around me who really helped me out. >> what is the number one thing personally andd professionally o
to hear for months. the sharks take to the ice with hundreds eager for the puck to drop ,,,,,, ,,,, and wh >>> living in california means live being the reality an earthquake could hit at any moment. while much has been done to shore up modern structures, landmarks are at particular risk. alan martin shows us thanks to an east bay nonprofit they could be preserved even if the entire structure is destroyed. >> reporter: it is where 18th century architecture meets 20th century technology. mission delore built in 1776. archaeologists came to take a digital footprint of all california's missions made possible by a machine like this one. >> it will pulse out 50,000 laser pulses every second. >> reporter: taking 3d images of every nook and cranny and able to capture pictures of structures and paintings behind walls. >> best way to do conservation is know exactly what you have. this allows us to record more accurately than before. >> reporter: the curator can trace his family roots back to the construction. >> my ancestors built this building. i also wonder what they would think about me being he
it. we drop the puck on saturday and come back and have our first home gain and practice tonight, practice tomorrow, and the season starts. >> for baseball fans, 26 days until the national pitchers and catchers come to. today, he introduced his new closer. everybody seems to be excited about him. he is experienced, he has a gun he is big-time. they are adding another all-star to their lineup. >> i'm certainly not worried about cliff or drew. they are professionals. they are very confident in their abilities and they got a great skill set. so we're happy as we can be about the state of our bullpen and we're glad to have them all on board. >> meanwhile, the maryland basketball team got a big time win last night. their biggest win of the year. alex scored the accidental score. it was n.c. state. but it is maryland's biggest win in a long time. they play at north carolina on saturday. our play of the day comes from the st. mary's game. with two seconds left, but st. mary's answers the miracle. st. mary's get the three-pointer, the length of the
smiles after the long wait. the puck drops >>> it's about time. let the season begin. >> it's finally here. i didn't think this day would come. this is one of the predictions i'm happy that i got wrong. it's about hockey. we're about an hour away from the capitals' season opener against tampa bay. the new uptempo system will be on display under first year head coach adam oats. he only had a week to get this team used to the new style of play. don't be surprised if the caps don't look very fluid tonight. the good news, however, the team is 6-3 the last nine years in season openers. >> it's the same for every team. you know, i think it's maybe a little choppy throughout for a while and then -- but i mean that's just the way it s we just have to figure out as fast as possible. i think he's going to be a great game no matter what. i think everybody's going to be really excited. so it's going to be a high tempo game. >> it's been hard to wait when it's going to be over. but finally it's over. so it's going to be fun. >> should be a good game. puck drops at 7:00 on comcast sports net. on th
who dealt with foreclosure in 2009 and to 10. >> pucks will drop again this week now that the national hockey league and the players have reached a deal to end a lockout. the agreement means that the sharks fans could see the team return to the ice in the next few days. merchants get a huge financial boost now that thousands of hungry fans will show up at the pavilion. the final schedule is worked out but will include 50 games and team owners and players still have to ratify the deal. abc7 news reporter will have more on the return of hockey in san jose at the top of the hour. very exciting times for sports fans, right? >> there was football on tv last week? holy smokes! the championship is on today, and we have national hockey league back when it came this close to the season being canceled so it is good times. is the weather good, too? >> i knew you were leading to that. mike nicco will answer that question. mike? >> good morning, everybody, not so good. tough to get around. livermore is half a mile to quarter mile visibility. and same in napa, and same in santa rose, and there is a
. drop some pucks finally. while most of us were fast asleep the nhl and the players association agreed to tentative terms. it happened at 4:40 a.m. eastern time after a 16 hour negotiating session. now outside of the equipment, the sharks loom has ban lonely one since the team lost in the first round of the playoffs eight months ago. we last saw the entire team together in september at a charity golf outing. the agreement between the league and union is a ten-year deal with an opt-out clause after eight. here's the commissioner. >> we have reached an agreement on the framework of a new collective bargaining agreement. the details of which need to be put to paper. we've got to dot a lot of is, cross a lot of ts. >> we are veer excited to be back underway. we have been preparing for a variety of outcomes and happy to have this you outcome that transpired. we're relieved to have it over with and focusing on moving forward. >> bettman issued a friday deadline you can expect a 48 or 50 game season with practices beginning, wednesday, this, friday. >> nfl playoff time. ravens and colts, dubb
is in place, the deal's done, and we're waiting to drop the puck. >> great information. thank you, very much. over to the gridiron for playoff football. wild card battle hopes and playoffs, possibly ray lewis's last game as a raven. third quarter, 10-6, baltimore, shows flacco and dennis hit a 20-yard td. fourth quarter, birds up 8. flacco lost one to anquan boldin, take a look at that catch. right before that td. five catches for 145 yards for bolden and there's ray lewis getting his groove on. one more dance for him in front of his home crowd. ravens win 24-9. what about the nfc wild card, redskins hope for the seahawks. fourth quarter, oakland's own marshawn lynch takes the handsoff, and he's going 27 yards with a touchdown. seahawks take the lead for good. lynch 131 yards rushing. but after the game, a little something extra. former stanford cardinal richard sherman gets shoved in the face. and the seahawks get the last laugh. seattle wins 24-14. it's been a very busy game. also, in this game, robert griffin, iii was injured late. it won't matter since obviously the redskins lost this ga
. they use a puck with small sticks that they swim around a pool until they score. don't know if this will catch long. >>> just ahead, justin timberlake teams up with jay-z. and the best moment from the golden globe awards. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back on this monday. hope you had a wonderful weekend although a little bit on the chilly side today after the cold start with a lot of sunshine. many areas will do a slow improvement. this is about as cold as it gets in some areas. salt lake city very cold. little bit of freezing fog in areas of oregon especially the valleys but not widespread. i mentioned alaska, a mess up there. at least they are getting some warm air. freezing rain back towards fairbanks. that's how it is, west coast is very cold and dry. stormy weather heads up to alaska. >> feeling like winter >> from tina fey, the golden globes were pull of surprises. >> you gave a sung performance in less misermiserables. >> thank you so much for letting me to be a part of "your world tonight." >> haven't been following the controversy over zero dark thirty
behind, with their season opener in calgary. the puck drops at 4:00. and the harlem globetrotters in the bay area for four games this weekend. our own bob mandel is shooting hoops and will have a report later on. >> that's the sports buffet you want to dive in. >>> right now, the weather, priceless. >> if you want to get outside after watching bob, because we don't want you to go anywhere just yet it will be really nice. 11:10, and temperatures comfortable enough for outdoor activities. temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s at 11:10. let's get right to the numbers. 55 degrees in concord. 53 in oak lan. 49 degrees in san mateo. and upper 60s and low 70s, tomorrow when we peak on saturday, 72 degrees. really comfortable through the weekend. full forecast in the next report. stay tuned. >> christina, thank you very much. >>> coming up, lance armstrong comes clean on oprah. did you see it? now what his former teammates are saying about his confession. >>> and a health care for pablo sandoval. the diagnosis, coming up. >>> i guess you could say it's mixed reaction surrounding lance
. their season opener of the season is in calgary, the puck drops at 4:00 on sunday and then of course, i'm sure you know about this. the 49ers on their way to atlanta right now to gear up for sunday's nfc championship game against the falcons. the winner goes to the new orleans super bowl. kick off sunday at noochblt this is the weekend that jim gets paid overtime because so much is going on. >> man, i love every minute of it guys. here is what we have for you. not too long ago we had more questions than answers about the 49erss. who will kick? and did harbaugh make the right call on switching to kaepernick? things are sure looking good now if you are a 49ers fan. after san francisco's win over the green bay packers last saturday the niners have been getting national attention. many are picking them to win it all and that includes john madden. coach harbaugh, his team, they are not buying the hype. >> people said nice things about us and that is nice. cover of "sports illustrated," nice thing. says a nice thing about our team, put it in a frame, put it on the wall, something nice to you, doesn'
new leaders to include frayed relations. during her election campaign puck said she viewed japan as a friendly nation and stressed the need to conclude an economic partnership deal. she stood firm over differences on history and territory issues. the two countries are in dispute over the islands in the sea of japan. they are struggling to reconcile views for women working in brothels. he said his government will cancel a february event marking the country's claim to the islands. park appears to have welcomed that decision. thoo she's expected to sharpen her japan policy. >>> japanese trading houses are part of a new scramble for africa. investment is accelerating in the continents high growth resource rich nations. africa's economy has grown by nearly 6% every years since 200. much of the continent is rich in oil and rare metals. japan doesn't intend to be left behind. the trading firm will start training local farmers how to grow soybeans. they will be exported to japan, a first from africa. it wants to boost production because local consumption is expected to grow. another comp
and players association reached a tentative deal this morning. and the puck could soon drop on a shortened season. no one is more happy about the n-h-l lockout ending than san jose sharks fans. except for maybe the owners of the bars and restaurants around the hp pavilion. kron4's maureen kelly explains. >> we're ecstatic, it's awesome. >> for the britannia arms bar in downtown san jose where sharks jerseys and hockey sticks hang on the wall.the return of the hockey season is coming just in the nick of time since the lockout has been .business has been bleak. >> the revenue loss has been 65-70 percent of our normal take >> it's been kind of a ghosttown in downtown in general last year we would have the place fullit's been really roughit's going to be exciting to have it full again >> we were getting to the point where we were going to have to not schedule some employees but now we've can hire 10-15 more. >> even when it's not a home gamepeople flock in here to watch it.they are jonesing for their hockeythey've got to have it. >> reporter: just a few blocks from the hp pavil
of the team charged the ice and battled over pucks.the fans wearing teal and balck in the stadium looked on with a mixture of excitement.and relief.that they'll be getting a hockey season after all.even though it will consist of only 48 games instead of 82. >> so excited, i am so happy. >> we have been counting the days. and to know if least we have a half a season so it is awesome. >> everybody had a big smile on their face. so it was really special. it really takes me back. >> reporter: and the players themselves looked happy to be back up on skates with their fans back rooting them on. those in the stands today say they have good feelings about how the sharks will out for so long. >> hopefully, they can jell together. >> reporter: their first home opener will be on a january 24th against the phoenix coyotes. if the fans cannot wait. maureen kelly, kron 4 new >> battle lines are being drawn. coming up we'll take a look at the escalating debate over gun control in america. and caught on camera! thieves stealing an a-t-m machine. take a look at this! [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passi
. >>> and here is a sport called underwater hockey. the players use a puck with small sticking as they swim around in a pool and score a goal. what do you think? is this going to catch on? nah. i don't know. >>> just ahead, justin timberlake teamed up for jay-z for his first release in six years. >>> and come of the best moments from the golden globe awards. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. clump crusher...crusher. 200% more volume. zero clumps. new clump crusher from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours left for sleep. do not take intermezzo if you have had an allergic reaction to drugs containing zolpidem, such as ambien. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath or swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and may b
the puck for the first time tomorrow. 3:00 start in calgary. busy day. >> we got mavericks going on. >> thank you so much. >> it featured items from studio 54. we'll look at few of the before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. but add some sauce, pepperoni and cheese and fold up the crescent dough...and presto! tuesday night just became crescent pizza pocket-tastic pillsbury crescents. let the making begin here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> ama: coming up at 11:00, thousands turn out for gun rallies across the nation. several problems at gun shows and we'l
-0. thornton puts the puck in front for patrick marlow. he finds the back of the net. game tied at 1. first of two goals so far. mark's classic with the shot. marty knocks it in op the rebound. sharks took a 2-1 lead. right now it's 3-1 in the third period. >>> by the way, the afc championship between the baltimore ravens and new england patriots is going on right now. the patriots are up 13-7. much more remaining in that game. we'll be talking to you in about an hour, diane, with the latest on those san francisco 49ers. >> you want to predict the winner of the other game, just for fun, henry? >> i think they're -- i'm thinking harbaugh bowl. i think the ravens will come back and win that game. >> that would be awfully fun, especially with all the palo alto connections. thank you, henry. >>> ryan throws underneath for jones. he makes the catch. it's knocked down! the game is over! the 49ers are going to the super bowl! >> yeah, you know, you just can't get enough of that, can you. the 49ers are heading to new orleans, and super bowl xlvii. they did it by beating the falcons in atlanta. it w
. >> the puck drops at the shark tank and it's more than about sports. hoping the team will bring business back to downtown. >>> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in in the weather center tracking the storm tonight. i'll let you know where the heaviest rain is falling now in a few minutes. wroo thank you for joining us, i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. live pictures from our chopper. a fire at harrison street right next to 880. the home is in a neighborhood which is a blend. the surface streets, you see the people. so far no word on what the cause is. sometimes those homes have transients inside. at this point we're unable to tell what kind of condition the house is in and if there's anyone inside. of course we'll keep you posted. >>> for parents it's a nightmare. new details on the attempted kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl. it happened last friday morning around 6:00. police say the girl was in east san jose near st. james and north 33rd street walking to scho school. terry mcsweepy, new to our staff, joins
-0 for the season. tonight the sharks host phoenix the first of six home games, puck dropping at 7:30. >> "har-bombing." >> that will not be the end of it. >> still gray. >> absolutely still under the moist southern flow and why it was so mild this morning and now. we are looking from mount tamalpais to the lower clouds in the south with mid-and-upper level clouds over this part of the bay which is not conducive to rain right now. headed to the south, 897, i believe near h.p. pavilion and we have rain, that is where it is raining, down in the south bay near 280. we have two different cameras down there. now a look at live doppler 7 hd and you can see a finger of moisture stretching from santa cruz across the south bay and headed to tracy and stockton. now, zooming on down, you can see the blue which is drizzle. the green is the lighter rain. on the heart of san jose around bascom avenue to campbell, you can see the park toward saratoga avenue to sunnyvale and out, we are finding the light rain. if you are headed out for lunch, it will hang around for the better part of the next hour. it is str
gets back on the ice at the tank. >> san jose already 2-0 following the win in evanstown. >> that puck drops at 7:30 this evening. >> that is going to do it for us. >> >>> this is "world news." tonight, nuclear threat. north korea plans missiles that can target the united states. can they reach america? what could the impact be? and how serious is the threat, from the mysterious dictator now in charge? >>> fire and ice. as flames shoot in the air, firefighters struggle in the frigid temperatures. how many people are now shivering in the cold in this country? and how many new ways can they show us how cold it is? want a frozen egg? >>> man or woman? listen to the phone calls that lured football star manti te'o. >> baby, i'm just calling to say good night. i love you. >> we'll tell you more about the man who allegedly tricked him for hour after hour. >>> and, gold rush. you're swimming in the water, something glitters, and, oh my, it's gold! worth $50,000. how do you find it? >>> good evening. as we come on the air, one of the most dangerous countri
. >>> the long wait is over, they are dropping the puck at the shark tank in about two hours for the first time this season. a live preview, coming up. very nice. >>> teal ac black attack is back. homeowner for the sharks two hours from now. >> hp pavilion, the 2-0 sharks are off to a nice start, brodie. >> ladies, i don't know if you can see this but they are actually running the fog machine past me here right now, i'm assuming they are testing it you never know. they might be messing with me. certainly tonight, extra special, the 19th home opener in the history of the hp pavilion, sharks 2-0. everybody excited about that. but more importantly, remember the nhl lockout that lasted 113 days, the fans that will come here to the tank in san jose tonight, extra excited, extra special. they didn't know if they would see an nhl season this year. i was told that even though they have been through this night 14 times, comes out of the dressing rooms and skates onto the ice it never gets old there you have it from the players to the coaches to the fans to the broadcasters themselves, everybody excited
. fans filled the tank. busy busting a move. >> it's a break period. and sometimes they'll throw pucks over to the kids. >> dan ny heatley, when he was here. >> reporter: some of the ladies line up, looking for a different action. >> some of them like butterfly stretches. some of them stretch their gluts and stuff. it's a nice angle. >> reporter: these fans making the most of a severely shortened season. how was the wait? >> excruciating. >> reporter: others say they're still ticked off by the lockout. >> it's frustrating that sometimes, the way i think about it, the atms for the nhl. >> there was animosity at first. but we walk into the tank tonight. and you're seeing a huge crowd. lots of kids. >> reporter: one of the people is steve. >> i was sighted when the sharks first came here. i lost my vision in '99. >> reporter: he's been experiencing games on a whole different level. following the action through radio. >> i can feel the building rumbling. >> reporter: but she's still waiting for the sharks to come home with something else in hand. >> the stanley cup. >> reporter: the way th
to marleau who slaps it in for the winning goal with 1:53 left check out this young fan gets a puck from marlaeu and hive-fives his friend final: 5-2 sharks st. mary's san diego 1 randy bennett and the 16-4 st. mary's gaels hosting the san diego toreros 2 1st half matthew dellavedova - the nice lob to beau levesque who lays it in levesque: 20 points, 5 rebs 2nd half 3 dellavedova - another ally oop lob to brad waldow who throws it down waldow: 15 points assists final: 81-48 gaels st. mary's: 16-4, 5-1 mens hoops - cal vs. utah mike montgomery 2nd half allen crabbe 3-pointer 44-29 cal off the break big robert thurmon with the dunk inside 53-42 cal final: 62-57 cal 75-72. >> pam: goodnight, see you tomorrow.
. tests conducted soon after the accident at the puck sheikh a daichii plant to estimate the amount of radioactive iodine absorbed by residents in 20 municipalities. or rather, 12 municipalities. they also calculated the amount taken in by those in other places with a simulation that shows radioactive iodine spreading from the plant. they estimate one-year-old children in the area exposed to the highest levels received a dosage of up to 30 millisevers. >> translator: the estimate can be made more precise on the data of the original movements at the time of the accident. >> japan's northeastern sendai city will host an event related to the berlin international film festival. the purpose is to help in the restoration of areas hit by the 2011 disaster. an organizing group of city residents and volunteers received a document from the berlin festival's executive office approving their request to host the event. the sendai organizers say they'll host the event from four days from march 28. this year's berlin festival will open in germany. it will screen about ten mostly short films devote
the first one where they start four-on-four due to a penalty when the puck dropped. the sharks played anaheim next tuesday. we've heard many stories of the small town boy making it big. tonight we have the story of the small town looking up to the new big boy. the 49ers' quarterback colin kaepernick grabbed the imagination of his home town of turlock in the central valley. this is what the home town is cooking up in his honor. >> reporter: out in the central valley among stoic orchards of peaches and almonds is the city of turlock. one of the 70,000 began tearing up nfl defenses with laser passes and gazelle like speed. >> we've never been on the map before. >> reporter: right now everyone knows the town of turlock is the home town of colin kaepernick with the 49ers heading to the super bowl, locals are swelling with the kind of pride that can only be express in the baked goods. >> the kap cake is a red velvet cake, kaem's favorite. cream cheese icing. there are kap cookies in the old time pastry shop. >> we had 100 trays on saturday. 80 on sunday. we sold out on saturday. >> at the h
vancouver, the best start in franchise history at 5- 0. to the dank, before the puck drops, going at it. because of the scuffle teams started the game 4-4, and joe thornton capitalized, 1-0 sharks. then headland passes it to the wrong team, pavelski shoots and scores, just like that, 2-0, marleau, two goals in every game. 3-1 san jose. sharks' power play cannot be stopped. at least two power play goals in every game. pavelski slaps on the second goal of the game. sharks now 5-0 with the 4-1 win, and john mcclellan's 200th 200th victory as head coach. >> the australian open came to a close down under. andy measure have i trying to end djokovic's unprecedented run at a third straight title. these two faced off last year with mr.ry winning his first major. first set, djokovic slipped. djokovic never gives up and drops it in, but loses the set in a tiebreaker. novak wins the second in a tiebreaker. in the third, novak takes advantage of murray's missed forehand. match point. after a short rally, murray fines the net and novak djokovic wins his six until major in four sets, the first map to
waiting for the puck to drop. >>> coming up next on "game day" a special guest in studio. the 49ers, walker, you found out who you are going to may today, how do you feel about the falcons? >> i feel good about it. another good challenge. we play well when we have a challenge. >> the 49ers, walker, next on "game day" [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing. new jobs are here, and by 2025 we could have millions more that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. labor dispute between players and owners is officially over -- and that means the san jose sharks the ice again. >>> it has been a long season for hockey players. now, the lockout is officially over. now the sharks are ready to hit the ice
till you see the numbers of that quarterback. and the sharks drop the puck in their home opener. it came down to the last minute. hosting phoenix in >>> sharks fans finally got to see their team at hp pavilion, hosting phoenix in their home opener. san jose trailed 3-2 with less than seven minutes left. the game is tied at 3. now, less than two minutes left, the sharks on a breakaway, joe to marlowe. san jose wins their home opener 5-3. >>> joe flacco has led baltimore to the play-offs in each of his five seasons in the nfl. while the 49ers colin kaepernick may be getting all the hype, maybe it's flacco. he's beaten peyton manning, tom brady to reach the super bowl. flacco has played one more game in the play-offs, of course, than kaepernick, but look at his impressive numbers. nine touchdowns, no interceptions. still, he doesn't get the respect he deserves, and he doesn't care. >> that's the story of my life. no respect. >> i really don't care. you know, there's guys out there that have to make a living hating on somebody, and if that's
alex old engine -- alex ovechkin to show. he passes the puck. deflect off of the defender. that is all you would need. drumroll, third. . he celebrates like he always does. he gets that first goal. swing of 3-2. >> the new jersey game give us confidence that when you do it right, we look like a real team. there is a five minute window in the third that we shooting back and. it was nice to hear guys on the bench yelling what to do. they were encouraged by that. talking to each other. >> shifting gears, golf, farmers insurance. tiger on the approach from the fairway. and he hits the wedge. lance of the middle of the green. one hit. would later birdie. third shot, uphill. 109 yards. the ball, look at that. 15 feet past the hole. under six for around four. he is currently up by six shots with 11 holes to play tomorrow. and the action thomas and torn acl. -- nba action, torn acl. kobe bryant >> of 14 assists. lakers win over oklahoma city. >> a new fee starting today. [ male announcer ] verizon fios is the fastest internet in america. just ask pc m. [ man ] "cable can't touch fios
the lamp right here. watch the path the puck takes off cody and in. erskine's first goal since april 2011. caps go up 2-1. third period and the moment we have all been waiting for, caps on the power play. mike green to alex ovechkin, and the great eight finally breaks through, his first goal of the season. caps go on to win 3-2. their first victory of the year and their first head coaching win for adam oa tes. >> i'm just glad finally. i was kind of hoping it would be sooner but i'm glad. i was a little concerned at the beginning. i thought we were still a little flat maybe because we pushed so hard the other night. once we got going, i thought mike rib barrow's line scored a bill goal. >>> to tennis, the number run ranked player in the world, novak djokovic is bidding to become the first man to three-peat in at the australian order. the only thing standing in his way is andy murray. it's last time they met in a grand slam it was murray who got the best of djokovic. novak got his revenge today. they have played each other 17 times. seven of those coming in the last year. we pick it up in
. sergei, the blast and he gives ottawa a 3-2 lead. less than 45 seconds to play. centers cough up the puck. mike is robbed by anderson. he had 31 saves in this same. caps fall 3-2 and drop to 1-4-1 this season. >>> caps are back at it this thursday night in toronto. >>> on the the nfl, the sights and sounds of media day during super bowl week are always entertaining. both teams were bombarded with question after question. one received more attention than the others. >> reporter: nice breeze here in new orleans outside of the mercedes-benz super dome which was home to media this afternoon. the biggest story of the day, ray lewis, an article from "sports illustrated" alleges he used performance-enhancing drugs to help recover from a tricep injury. here's where the story gets strange. it comes from a substance that involves deer antler spray and sold by a company owned by a former male stripper. i know it's crazy. here's ray lewis on the podium when asked about it. >> i have been in the business for 17 years and no one has got up with me every morning and trained with me. every test i have ta
.  >>> welcome out to the verizon center. win number one tonight against the canadians. puck drops at 7:00. and looking for a little bit of a spark. michael will start for the first time and go for the caps this season. also some line changes. move to the top line to play alongside alex and nick. i caught up with him moments ago to talk about the changes. take a listen. >> how exciting is that for you to come back home and have this opportunity tonight to play with them? >> it's great. playing with those guys world-class players. definitely make any all star team that's available. so i'm happy to be able to get the opportunity. and i think we're going to do well. >> what does it tell you the coach is making these moves, allowing guys to earn that so early on in the season. >> i think it's great for someone like myself. i think the guys are really happy with it. he's showing confidence in us and giving us the chance to fight for ice time which is great and i'm going to do everything i can to stay on that line. >> the 0-2 start is not what you envisioned but positived you can pull out. th
games. let's put that behind us and drop the puck come saturday. on tuesday i expect this place sold out again. we'll keep our sellout streak alive and make a live building and get the season going. >> tonight is evident you are reaching out to the fan base. are you surprised in their response in term of standing room only for practicing through the week? >> we have such passionate fans. i said my goal is to build a franchise as good as the fan base. they have been fantastic. >> we have a great system. it is great for the players and owners. it is long term. ten years. i'm hoping we have labor peace to grow the game. along that time frame the caps can win a cup. that's what we need to add to our resume. that's what our fans demand and expect. that's what we hope to deliver on. >> it has been the first week for the coach. i know it is a crammed session this week. what are your impressions so far? is there anything that's verified in your mind that i'm glad this is the guy we went with. >> he is in total command of offense and defense and special teams. he is a great communicator. he loves
. turns out he had a crook in his neck by looking over his shoulder as the puck went by. this rebound, room service rebound, 4-0. here's what the caps are doing well. matty hendrix, third game, third fight. they don't fight too much besides him. they lose tonight. listen to this afterwards. >> i think at times it's effort. you've got to want it, and you've got realize that the team on the other side, they want it, too. you have to fight through stuff, and you've got really want to do it. it's very upsetting. not pushing the panic button, but obviously it's upsetting. >> effort. that ain't g. >>> maryland hosting north carolina tonight. hawkins, stroking, 25 points tonight. thomas says it's my party, and i'll go grass if i want to, glass if i want to, glass if i want to. >>> from now until super bowl sunday will you hear sound bite after sound bite from teams, and it is going to get boring, but we don't do boring here at 9. everyone knows the super story, the brothers jim versus john harbaugh, their family has become pretty famous, too. mom, dad, and sister were doing a radio interview
>>> finally, that's what puck heads across the country are saying, finally we get our sport back after 100-plus days of being locked out. hockey has got some making up to do with its fans. 13 games on the slate that actually count. that will help. caps one of those games. adam oats welcome to the head coaches position. my brother from another mother. how about that. sort of like that goalie last year against boston. under siege there. two man advantage, hit me with your best shot. tampa three of seven on the power play. caps drop the oaks debut 6-3. >> some of the mistakes came from conditioning. you know, we got tired at times. the game went in waves. i think some of the penalties in the third period, you can't really give them a five on three to start the third period. that obviously hurt us. >> you can't do that, no doubt about it. wizards have one four of five. john wall starting the night on the bench. this one still in progress. look at nay-nay, yes, yes. they don't give it to him out there against the clippers. but lamar odom coming back with the plush on the follow. this game again
, playing the puck with his hand, but he never closes. that trip there catches the referee's eyes. wow. i'm not sure the flyers faithful will like that one at all. >> doc: bryzgalov is back in the cage. it's a goalie and four apiece. 1:02 to go. and a time-out has been called. 35 seconds of four each. >> pierre: a one-goal lead in philadelphia. on the power play, chaud injula giroux, off the post. giroux sees the stick of simmonds. and there's later on, how he's driving fleury nuts. simmonds. all over the crease area. by the way, congratulations to thomas holmstrom. recently retired. what a career he had. a lot of players have tried to copy his style, wayne simmonds one of them. >> doc: he'll be saluted this detroit before the home opener. >> pierre: what a game sutter's played in his first ever regular season game for the penguins. power on power on face-offs. he's made things happen because of his grit. >> doc: with couturier. popped along. back to timonen. under the away from the forechecking sutter. taken on by brayden schenn. out to center. 25 from now, a pittsburgh power play to the
're calling skr ining girou trip. there's letang, playing the puck with his hand, but he never closes. that trip there catches the referee's eyes. wow. i'm not sure the flyers faithful will like that one at all. >> doc: bryzgalov is back in the cage. it's a goalie and four apiece. 1:02 to go. and a time-out has been called. 35 seconds of four each. >> pierre: a one-goal lead in philadelphia. on the power play, chaud injula giroux, off the post. giroux sees the stick of simmonds. and there's later on, how he's driving fleury nuts. simmonds. all over the crease area. by the way, congratulations to thomas holmstrom. recently retired. what a career he had. a lot of players have tried to copy his style, wayne simmonds one of them. >> doc: he'll be saluted this detroit before the home opener. >> pierre: what a game sutter's played in his first ever regular season game for the penguins. power on power on face-offs. he's made things happen because of his grit. >> doc: with couturier. popped along. back to timonen. under the away from the forechecking sutter. taken on by brayden schenn. out to
's his daughter, shooting pucks at him, and she has no idea -- his daddy -- >> he comes storming out of the goal. at first she looks scared and then, wait -- daddy? >> she was there with her mom and brother donavan and sister. they got a really big striz. >> notice on top of the net instead of gatorade, flowers back there. i think you know who those are going to as well. >> the minnesota hockey game. >> hockey's a pretty big deal in minnesota, at college level for sure, but this, even bigger. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >>> you may recognize this woman. this is tanya who became the face of gigantism. a condition known at acromegaly. she took her story to the media, and became a hero to others who suffer from her condition. i'm very sad to report that tanya passed away yesterday at the young age of 34. >> what exactly is gigantism, other than the obvious? she was very tall? what else vexed her? >> the story behind tanya. at the age of 21, tanya was an average, young woman. 5'8", weighed about 130 pounds. just a few years later she was diagnosed with a tumor wrapped around her pit
, and we might even see some showers this week. >> leigh, thank you. >>> pucks will drop this winter after the national hockey league and its players will agree on a deal to end the lockout. that means the san jose shark fans will see their teams return to the ice soon. the team owners must rase fie the deal. they patronized the local businesses before and after every game. they will play a modified schedule that happened in the spring. the two sides were unable to reach a collective bargaining agreement. the games through january 14th have been canceled. they have models for a 50 and 48-game season, but schedules have to be worked out. more on the announcement in a few minutes in sports with colin rush. >>> drivers in san francisco started fumbling for loose change today. it is the first sunday you have to pay to park at meter usa cross the city. they say it is not about bringing in more money. they claim the drivers will have a better chance of getting a space if the combination of meters and time limits eliminates all-day parking on sundays. at least one driver was being nickeled and di
see some showers this week. >> leigh, thank you. >>> pucks will drop this winter after the national hockey league and its players will agree on a deal to end the lockout. that means the san jose shark fans will see their teams return to the ice soon. the team owners must rase fie the deal. they patronized the local businesses before and after every game. they will play a modified schedule that happened in the spring. the two sides were unable to reach a collective bargaining agreement. the games through january 14th have been canceled. they have models for a 50 and 48-game season, but schedules have to be worked out. more on the announcement in a few minutes in sports with colin rush. >>> drivers in san francisco started fumbling for loose change today. it is the first sunday you have to pay to park at meter usa cross the city. they say it is not about bringing in more money. they claim the drivers will have a better chance of getting a space if the combination of meters and time limits eliminates all-day parking on sundays. at least one driver was being nickeled and dimed. >> it is
for other drinks like chai? >> good question. you want some flavor? >> next the puck will soon drop at shark tank but will fans be out in force? we are like with reaction in san jose to the end of end of the wk out. >> this morning the medicine -- head of missoni fashion from italy is missing. >> the latest windows operating system hitting the store shelves and how you can save >> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, the search continues for the san francisco man accused of doubting his girlfriend in gasoline and setting her on fire. >> shark fans are waiting the puck to drop at the shark tank after the end of the nhl lockout. local businesses are ready, too. >> happening overnight, the chairman of mountain view google arrived in north korea for a controversial visit to the communist nation. >> 6:00, thanks for joining us on monday. hope you had a great weekend, i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. here is mike. >> good morning, everyone. we will start with live doppler 7 hd and you can see it is quiet with the radar runs. we have a lot of moisture in the air
the puck drops tomorrow night. they're polishing up the ice. >> i would not go any bigger. >> reporter: the fans are in the store for gear. >> i have three old jerseys so i'm in need of new ones. we'll go from there. >> this is huge. i moved from -- i moved about seven years ago, came back this year. and i will go to more games. >> it's great for ticket sales and concession stands. put the concession workers back to work and have those extra events here at the pavilion. >> reporter: and down the street from the tank the return of the men in teal means more foot traffic for local bars and restaurants. >> we've been fortunate to have the niners, go niners, right now. everything said and done it's nothing like the home favorite sharks in town. >> reporter: it helps the nhl has scheduled several week night games for the short season but will give the business owners more sales on slower days. >> it's great. it's just great to be playing hockey again. it's great to see the buzz in the air from the fans and we walk downtown, you can see them wearing the jerseys. >> reporter: the city needs t
the first puck was dropped. vancouver wore white in san jose today. the game gets chippy. that draws a penalty. joe thornton shoots and scores. he's still in first quarter when vancouver tries to pass the puck but joe intercepted, beats schneider. pavelski scores his first two goals of the season. gets just one. although it looks like schneider pushes it in himself as you look at the replay. >>> the oakland athletics held their first fan fest today. unlike this time last year, there's a greater feeling of confidence and a whole lot less sense of the unknown. the fans packed in to meet the 2013 squad. last season the team was in constant flux. one big change is hair. look at that josh redding growing his beard while coco crisp decides to take on his mob squad look. >> his facial hair can grow faster than mine. i wanted to come back and look like santa claus. i wanted to get a weave to throw him off. but i guess i'm just going to let it grow out. wherever it goes it goes. >> i don't think our expectations will be any different this year unless we say we're going to win the world series
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